The family tradition of sewing was started in the early 2000s due to the need to fill in the sales capacity of a small shop in the center of Trogir. Soon, this small project became the main activity, meeting the growing needs of big distributors, and moving its production to Split.



We work with a wide range of specialized materials. Boat canvas, marine vinyl, artifitial leather, canvases with UV protection, PVC glass, water repellent materials, easy cleaning materials ... If there is some specific material that you want, we will do our best to acquire it, and if you have your own material, we will use it with pleasure.


We use a modern measurement and design system that gives you a chance to see the final look of your project before we create it, and then we can change details like color, shape and contour together. Our team is then set on making and assembling a finished product on your ship.

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